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Aerial footage for TV, Cinema and broadcast media

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As Civil Aviation Authority licensed and fully insured drone pilots.

Drone-shot footage is fantastic for showcasing a location or property whilst filming indoors adds an exciting dimension: that added ‘wow’ factor that grabs a viewer’s attention. 


Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out

TV cinema drone video drone photography


Our drones create the sense of big-budegt production. Through expert piloting and superior videography the outcome for your business will be stunning.


Pin sharp detail for industrial inspection, or mulit-layer shots for 3D processing – the Inspire 2 is unsurpassed.
Talk to us about our processing capabilities for inspection, architectural and agricultural utilisation.

Our drones
We use DJI Inspire 2 drones, equiped CineCore 2.0image processing systems capable of capturing5.2K 30fps CinemaDNG video and AppleProres, as well ad 4K 60fps. The Inspire 2 – the worlds most advanced sub 7KG drone, makes previous heavy lifts redundant.

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