CARBON HAWK | 3D software inspection survey BIM data acquisition Pix4D Dronedeploy
3D software inspection survey BIM data acquisition Pix4D Dronedeploy orthophotos volume calculation
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Data Capture

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About This Project

The process of data acquisition is changing. Unmanned aircraft technology can be utilised like never before to gather information accurately and effectively.

We can capture data through 3D Photogrammetry to create digital surface and 3D models fully compatible with professional platforms.

Building Information Modelling

Create point clouds with BIM software.

Keep projects on schedule and compare the current build with the design drawings through repeatable data collection.

Regular flights can provide consistently updated analysis of the build creating 3D models and accurate measurements from orthophotos that can be overlaid with CAD drawings.


Generate accurate contour maps using ground control. Efficiently collect data to improve site planning and quality control, manage assets and reduce risk on the job site.

Volume calculation Achieve precise measurement of your stockpiles using georeferenced digital surface model.

3D Photogrammetry